Board of Trustees

Meet the Trustees
The Board of Trustees serve as representatives for Sully Station II. Seven community Members are elected to the Board of Trustees for staggered two-year terms. They seek to create a cohesive and friendly community which responds to the needs and desires of its Members. To contact the Board of Trustees Members can email
Board of Trustees Position Term Ends
Karen Hogan President 2022
Glenn Martin Vice President/Treasurer 2022
David Thomas Secretary 2023
Jenna Brown Trustee 2022
Kathleen Leggette Trustee 2023
Bill Perry Trustee 2022
Mubarika Shah Trustee 2023
Board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month, excluding the months of November and December. At this time, all meetings are held virtually via Zoom. Notices are sent out to Members in advance to allow Members the opportunity to attend these meetings. Members are provided the opportunity to address the Board during open forum which occurs at the beginning of each meeting. If you are not receiving these messages and would like information on how to attend one of the meetings please click here.
Annual Member Meetings
Sully Station II Annual Meetings are held to provide Members the state of the Association, vote on changes to Association documents, and elect Board of Trustees for vacancies. A Call of Candidates goes out to the membership asking for Owners to nominate themselves if they would like to run for the open positions. Members are notified of the candidates and the voting process, with the results tallied and announced by the Elections Committee.