Bike & Jogging Trails

A Guide to Nearby Trails
Sully Station II is surrounded by an extensive system of trails for jogging, bicycling, or walking. There are 3 within close proximity to our neighborhood:
Cub Run Trail – Stream valley trail network, asphalt. From Route 29 north to Honsena Drive – total trail mileage: 5 miles
Cub Run Trail – South – Stream valley trail network, asphalt. From Route 29 south to Compton Road – total trail mileage:  2.5 miles
Rocky Run Trail – Stream valley trail, stonedust. From Walney Road/Cabell’s Mill parking lot in E. C. Lawrence Park to Fairfax County Parkway – includes Greenbriar Park – total trail distance 3.4 miles.
A full guide to the recreational bicycle trails can be found on Fairfax County’s official web site at the link Fairfax County Bike Trails.
The Washington, D.C. area is surprisingly bicycle-friendly, with hundreds of miles of interconnected off-street trails and on-street bike routes.